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Our pages and blog are dedicated to all those hard working dogs and handlers, and beautiful dogs of this world. Our motto is “Fight The Good Fight”, because we think that all of those dogs do together with their handlers and owners in making our world more safe and beautiful. 

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  • @K9Insta

    Our instagram page @k9insta has more than 250k followers, and this page is specialized for all kind of working dogs.

  • @k9balkan

    Our @k9balkan Instagram page is dedicated to audience from Balkans.

  • Followed by thousands of K9 handlers

    Some of the biggest names in the industry follow our pages! Thousands of Police, Military and Sport dog handlers from all over the world.

  • Followed by hundreds of Kennels

    Our pages are followed by hundreds of kennels, most of them working line German Shepherds and Malinois.

  • Followed by hundreds of dog trainers and dog lovers

    Some of the most important names in this industry follow our pages. There are people who specialize in Police K9 training, Sport Dog training (IPO, Mondioring etc) or just general obedience.

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